Family, traditions and great writing

In the midst of the holiday rush, one of the treasures of the season is the time spent with family members, celebrating traditions and also creating new memories. Patricia Polacco has written dozens of books for children and many of these are about the special bonds within extended families. On her web page (about Patricia) she talks of the joys of being raised in households that included her grandparents, the reason she incorporates relationships between children and the elderly in much of her writing.

During this holiday season, find the time to share one of Patricia Polacco’s seasonal titles. These tend to be a bit wordier than some picture books, so they work best for children who can snuggle in and listen. Don’t forget to include older kids and grandparents as well! Older children often say they miss being read to by their parents, and including extended family members may open up some great opportunities for sharing recollections of their past holiday experiences.