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Chairlibrary-1The Aurora Public Library District has a new website! We are glad you are here! Our goal with the redesign was to create an online place for you to get information you need and to interact with the library staff.

Some new features you should check out include the Best Seller list on the homepage, our new library blog, the events calendar. You can now add events directly to your Google or iCal.

Search the website for the information you are looking for or the catalog for your next great book. Either is simple to use and at your fingertips.

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Choose a Young Hoosier Book

Most states have annual lists of recommended books for students. The lists might be called the Magnolia Award (Mississippi), the Bluebonnet Award (Texas) or, in Indiana, the Young Hoosier Book Award. Young Hoosier book lists are created each year by a committee of School Library Educators, and all the students in the South Dearborn Schools are encouraged to read from these lists. The lists are created for 3 age groups: Picture Books, Intermediate Books and Middle Grade Books. There is a similar program for high school students (Eliot Rosewater Books).

Here are some of the titles from the 2015-2016 Young Hoosier Book List for Intermediate Grades. The Aurora Public Library District supports our local schools by purchasing copies of these books for our branches. These would all be great choices to read with your children. Research shows that even older elementary students love a family reading time. For the full list for each age group, you can go to this link.

Gone Fishing: A Novel by Tamera Will Wissinger
gone fishing
The Pet War by Allan Woodrow
pet war
Doll Bones by Holly Black
doll bones
dust bowl
Wild Born by Brandon Mull
wild born

Books & Cookies Program at the Aurora Branch

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On December 5th the Aurora branch hosted a Books and Cookies Event. We decorated cookies, decorated bags as reindeer and listened to stories. We have a couple more holiday events happening at the library, be sure to check out our Event Calendar for more programs to enjoy!

2015-12-05 2015-12-05 001 004

Thanks to all who came and enjoyed spending time with us at the Library! We want to wish you all a happy holiday! 2015-12-05 2015-12-05 001 006

Family, traditions and great writing

In the midst of the holiday rush, one of the treasures of the season is the time spent with family members, celebrating traditions and also creating new memories. Patricia Polacco has written dozens of books for children and many of these are about the special bonds within extended families. On her web page (about Patricia) she talks of the joys of being raised in households that included her grandparents, the reason she incorporates relationships between children and the elderly in much of her writing.

During this holiday season, find the time to share one of Patricia Polacco’s seasonal titles. These tend to be a bit wordier than some picture books, so they work best for children who can snuggle in and listen. Don’t forget to include older kids and grandparents as well! Older children often say they miss being read to by their parents, and including extended family members may open up some great opportunities for sharing recollections of their past holiday experiences.


Books & Cookies Program at the Dillsboro Branch


The Dillsboro branch is a happening place during the holidays. On December 5th we hosted a Books and Cookies program. Miss Patty the Branch Leader read some wonderful stories and then everyone enjoyed decorating cookies and watching Frosty the Snowman. If you are interested in checking out some Christmas stories to read around your tree this season here are some staff favorites.


Clifford’s First Christmas

My Own Little Christmas Story

Spot’s Magical Christmas


Music to our Ears!

Would you like to see your child grow up to excel at Science or Technology? Perhaps there is a future inventor living at your house! A recent study at Michigan State University (more info) shows that musical training throughout childhood leads to success in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields. That’s why more educators today use the acronym STEAM, to include Arts.

The Aurora Public Library District offers lots of books to introduce your children to music and famous musicians. Check out a few and then pull up some of the artists’ music on-line to get the whole family tuned in.

Make an Ornament Program at the Dillsboro Branch


The Make an Ornament program at the Dillsboro branch on December 8, 2015 was a great way to spend a holiday afternoon making crafts and decorating cookies!

If you happen to be around Aurora this afternoon (December 10, 2015) check out the Make an Ornament Program at the Aurora branch! Lot’s of fun activities are happening in your Aurora Public Library District, check out the Events calendar for more activities! 100_5748

What is your favorite holiday storybook?