From the Director's Desk

It’s been a hard year for our community, but the Aurora Public Library District has been privileged to serve you throughout the pandemic. We’re convinced that brighter times are ahead, and that we will one day soon be back to offering the full range of programs that you love. Meanwhile, we are still using all the safety protocols necessary to protect our community members, our staff, and our collections. We appreciate your patience and your willingness to think about library services in new ways.

Our staff is already busy thinking about new ways to engage all of our readers during Summer Reading 2021 “Tails and Tales”. Whether your mind goes to cuddly animal “tails” or to epic “tales” from mythology and history, we’ll have books and activities for every member of your family!

The Library District is committed to serving all members of our community with dedication and kindness. We are truly here for you and want to provide the best possible information and resources to help you continue to thrive and learn. In addition to our print materials we offer a full range of digital resources, audiobooks, and DVDs. If you live within the Library District, all our collections are available to you at no charge! Please contact me if there is anything we can do for you or your organization.

Peggy Dean, Director