From the Director's Desk

The Aurora Public Library District has recently completed a new Long Term Plan, outlining areas we will be emphasizing during the next four years. You can read the plan on the About tab of this web page or stop by one of our buildings to read a print copy. I appreciate the numerous inputs made by community members and local partners. Although the format of the plan is directed by state law, I truly believe that this plan will guide us in better serving our patrons. After all, the library belongs to YOU – the residents of the Library District.

Two of the major goals outlined in the plan are a direct response to needs expressed through our community survey. Other goals reflect the internal changes we need to make: better marketing strategies and additional training for the staff. All four of the goals are listed below, and our objectives and proposed activities are spelled out in detail within the plan.

Goal 1. The Aurora Public Library District will provide every member of the Library District with access to computers, Internet service, and other technology and will provide training opportunities that enable each person to use technology to enhance their personal and professional life.

Goal 2. The Aurora Public Library District will provide increased opportunities for all ages to interact through educational and recreational activities and will become a location where community members gather to express and share ideas.

Goal 3. A comprehensive marketing plan will be developed and implemented to expand the community’s knowledge of the services and programs offered by the Aurora Public Library District.

Goal 4. Employees of the Aurora Public Library District will receive professional training to enhance their understanding of current social trends such as homelessness, drug use, and poverty issues.

I also want to take a moment to highlight some of our on-going programs. Roy and Kim have scheduled the 2019 dates for Talk About Aurora History. Topics are listed on the Programs tab, and the May program will be Talk # 100 for Roy! We have openings currently for new members to join any of our Book Clubs, so just give us a call if you want more information. Storytime for pre-school kids is back in session, and we’re continuing to take signups for 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten.

Please call me or stop by the Library if you have any concerns about our collections or services.

Peggy Dean, Director